Treasure Hunt: Fun ’round the Hun

The area around Hungate is changing faster than any other part of the city. So, to savour this (crane-filled) time, we take a wander around Hungate and St Saviourgate to see what we can see.

1, We start on the corner of Stonebow and Garden Place.

  • What is the name of the car park to which a sign directs near here?

  • Start walking along Garden Place. What can you not do here at any time?

  • What is the biggest bedroom-capacity of the apartments being built?


2, Turn left onto Carmelite Street, named for the Carmelite Friary that used to stand around here in medieval times.

  • Name the student accommodation block.


3, Turn left onto Hungate, the street after which the area is named (it used to be a lot longer – more on that later).

  • What contribution is available?


4, Turn right back onto Stonebow.

  • Before you trek on, stop to see if you can spot which company is ‘pure’.

  • How many rugs are upstairs?

  • If you were headed for the Minster, which way should you go ‘via’?

5, Crossing the road, turn left onto St Saviour’s Place.

  • The door to the big posh building, Peasholme House, offers what welcome?

  • This street makes exceptions for what?

6, Turn left onto St Saviourgate.

  • What do the occupants of No. 35 not like?

  • Who is the Minister?

  • When was the hospital founded?

7, Keep heading along the street. Once you pass DIG look to the left, to the short street that seems to run down into the newly revamped Stonebow House. This is (or rather, was) the entrance to Hungate which ran from here all the way to the River Foss. Anyway, nearly there!

  • Name the women’s project based around here.

  • How many taxis can wait here?


Done! We bet that if you take this same hunt in one year’s time, most of the area will look a lot different. It’s a date.


1: Shambles, loading, three bedrooms. 2: St John Central. 3: Stamp Duty. 4: Pryers, 1000s, Aldwark (on cycle info board). 5: Please enter, “taxis and access”. 6: Junk mail. Rev. Nicky Jenkins, 1700. 7: Kyra, 12.


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