October horoscopes by James Christie

What have the stars got in store for you?

A routine month in many respects without many highs or lows. Life plods on, and if you find any excitement at all, it will be in the little things – like a night at the cinema, or a dinner with friends. Work regimes are steady and predictable (which might not be a bad thing) and relationships seem stable. Are you ‘happy’? Probably not, but you are aware of the fact that things could be a whole lot worse.

This is all very well, but you’ll still have to deal with feelings of boredom and frustration, and you’ll have to fight hard to find any enthusiasm. Going to work every day and watching the TV in the evening is no great compensation when you have ambitions to conquer the world! At least there’s some support and understanding from lovers and partners most of the time – not all of the time, but most of it. Be thankful for this, and other small mercies.

There’s a bit of a break in the trend towards the very end of the month, around the 29th, 30th and 31st, when things will get a little bit more exciting, especially for Aries singletons looking for a bit of sizzle and zing in their sex lives. No, you might not be rewriting the Karma Sutra from page 69 backwards, but whatever’s happening, it’ll be better than another night in front of the telly.

October is never an easy month for The Bulls. Summer has gone and so has the autumn, and now you’ve got to face another long winter! Those Taureans who can make themselves busy, even if it’s only by working for work’s own sake, fair rather better than those who sit there doing nothing and bemoaning their lot. The good news is that there’s stability and predictability. Diet is probably a key factor in any health issues.

Around the 10th you may have to face an awkward decision concerning finances: do you throw good money after bad, or cut your losses and walk away from something that simply isn’t working properly anymore? This could be anything – a car, a TV set, a mobile phone etc., but it could just as easily have business connotations. I don’t think it applies to relationships however, because where affairs of the heart are concerned there are strong bonds of solidarity, and although it may be a bit of a cliché, this is one of those periods wherein your lover or spouse also turns out to be your best friend.

Quietly and gradually long term targets become a little clearer throughout the month, and by month’s end you should begin to enjoy a renaissance of ambition.

October promises to be quite a gentle month, and one which drifts by without major incident. If there are niggles they’ll probably revolve around parent/child relationships, and Gemini grandparents will need to bite their tongues on more than one occasion. You’ll swither as to what is the best thing to do – challenge someone with regard to their behaviour towards you, or let it go for the sake of a quiet life and a desire not to rock the family boat.

Some mild spikes of tension in relationships concerning domestic priorities. One person wants to spend some money on an improvement project, while the other considers it to be an unnecessary expense. This scenario could crop up more than once, but the epicentre of probability is around the 9th and 10th and then again around the 18th and 20th.

On the subject of money, anything spent on travel and relaxation, secret weekends away, and the creation of some quality time within partnerships, is most definitely a good investment. So, if it comes to a choice between painting the ceiling white or painting the town red, get out there and have some fun. Either way, the pace of life picks up during the last few days when there will be a boost to your social life.

Quite a busy month on the social scene, and there’s a harmonious mixing of business and pleasure. Cancerian careerists will benefit from doing a bit of PR and networking, and single members of the sign should find themselves in receipt of compliments and flirtations, which help open the doors of opportunity – especially if you’re looking for something more than this. Between the 6th and 13th some of you will enter a nostalgic mood when you think back to the ‘good old days’, but be careful. Also, be honest with yourself – some of those old days were not so good, and in some cases, some of them were bloody awful! The hand you’ve got is the hand to play!

Cancerian ladies need to be on guard against trying to reignite old flames from the past, while male members of the sign would do well to concentrate on consolidating existing positions rather than looking for something new. Cancerian teens and twentysomethings should make a point of enjoying what is on offer, but avoid making any heavy commitments.

Younger members of the Cancerian family looking to establish new work routines or career pathways can expect to make some noticeable headway during the last week of the month. But, this will require some single-minded dedication and ambition. Changes of address are relevant for those looking for the big career breaks.

An argument with a friend or colleague during the first week of the month leaves a sour taste in your mouth, but it also puts you in a very determined mood to prove a few things to your critics – and score some points in the process. As such, October is an active, and in some ways aggressive, month – during which you’ll score a number of important goals. News regarding some kind of award or promotion comes your way around the 17th or 18th, which enhances your mood for the rest of the month. You’ll find yourself able to look ahead with much more confidence than you had at the beginning of the summer.

You could say that October is a very educational month, and as such, anything to do with education and the acquisition of new skills etc. is very well starred. However, you might also come to learn about other people’s secrets: how they think about themselves and what they really think of you. There could be some surprises here, but overall, this process brings you closer to someone you would like to be closer to. So, at the end of the day, everything turns out for the best.

Single Leo males make the greatest headway in love affairs and sexual liaisons, because unlike some others, they’ve learned the truth of the old adage: ‘faint heart never wins fair lady’.

Cash flow could be a bit on the high side, especially if it’s time to pay a few bills. Having said that, you should be busy and productive, and there are monetary gains to be made – especially between the 15th and 23rd when some long worked for ambition starts falling into place. Relationships need to be kept on the light side, so concentrate on having some fun.

Some of you might start feeling your age, and then again, some of you need to start acting your age! This interweaves with an awareness that you are no longer the person you were a few years ago, and if there are times when life seems difficult, it’s because while circumstances and situations have changed, you have not. Time then, for a few reality checks, and some of you, especially if you’re in your middle years, now need to start playing catch up!

Apart from the usual commutes in connection with work and business, travel is not particularly well starred at the moment. However, this will not stop you doing a bit of scheming and planning with regards to journeys and holidays later in the year, especially around the epicentre of mid-winter. Money for such adventures needs to start being squirrelled away now in the sock under the bed.

STAR SIGN OF THE MONTH: This is a fortuitous period for launching new relationships and/or for gaining greater depth of meaning and commitment within the framework of existing unions. It’s so much easier to get what you want out of life when you’re pulling together with a partner towards a common goal, and this energy seems to gather strength throughout October with every passing day.

Job and career aspects tend to be a bit stop-and-start, and certain plans may need to be postponed for a short time. Better to put something off and get it right when you do do it, than to act in haste and regret it afterwards. Anything to do with building works, home extensions and property improvement could well become relevant, but it’s probably not a good idea to try doing things on the cheap or with an unrealistic budget.

Younger Librans will feel the weight of parental pressure and authority, while elderly members of the sign may well feel that many of the younger people around them have completely lost the plot! Some Librans will find themselves being drawn into the world of politics… party politics, office politics, bedroom politics, and anything else that takes your fancy, including protest groups and council committees.

Some people might say that you’re being impulsive. This is not the case, so ignore them! You’ve thought long and hard about your choices and options, and are now initiating some action. Just because you haven’t confided your plans to other people, doesn’t mean that you haven’t thought them through very carefully. You have – but of course, other people won’t know that, will they?

Love affairs, sexual liaisons, the whole cornucopia of emotional relationships are dictating both the pace and the tempo of your life at this time, and also the direction. Therefore it’s virtually inevitable that you’ll be putting your heart before your head, and anything and everything which affects your love life will be seen as a priority. Some people may criticise you for this, especially around the 9th, 18th and 19th but the way I see it, you’re following your instincts and intuition. And this is definitely the way to go if you’re concerned about your future happiness.

While sexually active Scorpio males will be feeling confident in their virility, younger Scorpio ladies may be glad of the morning after pill. Older Scorpio matrons might wonder what an aspirin has got to do with their love lives. Oh, my darlings, how the years have flown!

There should be some pick up in your social life throughout October and there will be a pattern of meeting up with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Nights out in restaurants or stopovers in sexy hotels may put some strain on your finances, but at least you’ll be getting something back for your money. This is an exciting time for new romance, and an even better one for refreshed commitment within existing unions.
A partner may seem to be in an over confident mood, but it will do you no harm to follow their lead. If nothing else, it takes the weight off your shoulders to come up with some new ideas! Travel patterns and journeys may only have a local feel to them, but anything that gets you out of the house has got to be good news.

A legal flavour comes to the fore around the 21st or 22nd and you’re advised to read the small print carefully before signing contracts and documents. Also, anything to do with insurance, including pension plans and investments etc., will come under scrutiny at this time. It looks as though there will be some money shuffling during the last days of the month; new bank accounts will be relevant for some, and just about all Sagittarians will be looking for ways in which to consolidate their debts and reduce interest payments on loans and mortgages, etc.

Not too many sharp edges in October, and the month should pass quite quickly. New household routines bring pleasure to some and frustration to others, while parents may have to intervene in the case of squabbling siblings. Some gentle pressure upon you to do something you’ve been putting off doing all year. Make a will, read a book, climb a mountain!

During the middle weeks, say between the 8th and the 23rd, you may find yourself becoming a little concerned over health issues, either your own, or concerning someone close to you. Being very parochial about it, if it’s pouring down with rain, don’t go out without your umbrella! I don’t sense any real threat here, but must acknowledge the presence of either a degree of worry or inconvenience, and possibly even both at the same time.

This is a busy period on the work scene, and an exciting time for younger members of the sign who are looking to get their feet on the first rungs of the career ladder. Those Capricorns who are actively looking for new jobs, should enjoy some success, especially between the 18th and the 23rd, when something fortuitous falls into place. For those in established career positions, you can look forward to a little more money – albeit for a lot more work.

Instead of waiting for someone (or something) to come to you, maybe you should take the initiative and make the first move. This should bring surprising and successful results, and your mood during the second half of the month is significantly brighter than it might be during the first couple of weeks. The 17th to the 24th is an exciting period for new doors opening, especially if you’re ready to make some sort of career change.

Younger Aquarians (late teens, twenties, early thirties) should get quite an exciting sexual buzz out of the month as new romances beckon, but some care needs to be taken here, especially if you find yourself with someone who wants you a lot more than you want them – or wants more from you than you are able to give. With this in mind, choose your words carefully – and don’t make any promises you can’t keep.

An element of reflection and nostalgia creeps in from around the 24th and 25th onwards, and again, be careful… you can’t turn back the clock and undo that which has been done. Mature members of the sign may be looking back over 40 years, and wondering ‘what if’ – but there’s no joy in this pathway, so direct your attention elsewhere.

Quite an easy-going month, and a productive one for anyone involved in any aspect of the arts. Good communications with other people resolve problems and misunderstandings, and there will be some bright social events around the 9th and 10th, and again on the 24th. Any money spent on self-image is a good investment, and if the plastic gets bent a bit, at least you’ll have something worthwhile to show for it.

Actually, this is quite a good time for major capital investment, and while some of you may be putting down offers on new homes, others might be signing PCP contracts for new cars. Overall, this indicates a degree of financial confidence, and if not confidence, then certainly optimism.

Social outlook is quite buoyant, and as the icing on the cake, there is some new interest coming up over the horizon where romance is concerned. This is applicable to everyone to a greater or lesser degree, but it’s most keenly focused on single ladies in their 30s or very early 40s. Girls need to remember, however, that if they want to get the pearl, they’ve got to open the oyster!


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