June Horoscopes by James Christie

One door closes while another opens. As the “opening door” is the one to go through, let’s celebrate rather than commiserate. It’s time to dump anything that is old and past its sell-by date and there are new adventures beckoning. Some changes on the job scene are to your advantage, so the golden rule is to “follow the money”. This does not mean you need to be totally mercenary in your outlook, but a practical and pragmatic approach brings you nearer to your goals.

Relationships seem stable enough but gentlemen of the sign might feel that their partners are being a bit too naggy and critical. Usually a passive response is the best policy, but this time round a little retaliation might not be a bad idea as you point out to your nearest and dearest that what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

For many members of the sign “Flaming June” could turn out to be something of a damp squib. Restlessness and frustration are frequent companions in the weeks ahead. You’ve got plenty of energy and ambition, but it needs closer focus and some kind of release mechanism. Lovers and partners are sympathetic and genuinely try to be helpful, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to make the effort.

Where jobs and careers are concerned, you’ll be happy enough with other peoples’ victories, but you won’t take too kindly when people brag about their successes – either because you’ll have heard it all before or because you will already have achieved far more than they have, and have not let your successes go to your head. Emotional relationships seem to be very safe and stable at this time, the only background niggle being caused by a partner’s cavalier attitude towards money.

Some conflict in the work place may be getting to you, but it is not up to you to resolve these issues, so just keep your head down and let other people sort it out. Domestic moods will be influenced by financial situations, and there could be conflict within the family with regard to financial priorities. Parents may have to temporarily close the shutters on “The Bank of Mum and Dad” – especially the parents of demanding

teenagers! Relationships do not exactly bloom in this atmosphere, but in some cases many partnerships will get stronger in the face of common adversity. There is a distinct lightening of mood during the last days of the month, with some love and laughter in the air for couples who can do what it takes to find a little bit more time for each other.

Contracts and legal documents being signed in connection with financial investments look probable during the last days of June. Monitor health levels and don’t push old injuries.

This sounds cynical, but you’ll be examining present relationships and measuring them against relationships you’ve had in the past. Some of you will feel that you’re on to a good thing, while others will wonder what might have happened if only… This is NOT a good way to think, and for your own sake, you need to change your way of thinking pronto!

Children and their needs are very important, but in some ways you will resent having to do things for teenagers that they should now be doing for themselves. News of a pregnancy within the broader family circle neither delights nor dismays, and is just another date to put in the diary.

Cancerians in their senior years may be given good cause to look back over the last couple of decades and wonder where the hell all those years have gone. There will be strong reminders of who you were and what you were doing 20 years ago.

A bright and breezy month for most members of the sign, with a lot of social activity and some exciting new work commitments. Certainly, it looks like being a profitable month in hard cash terms with something falling nicely into place on the 9th and then again on the 17th and 18th. Self employed people get a big buzz of new confidence at this time.

Romantic aspects are quite zingy, especially for singletons and people under the age of 30. More mature Lions will take pleasure from an increasing sense of emotional security, which should (in most cases) prevent them from rocking the boat in any way.

Leos in their teens and early 20’s may find they have some kind of problem getting any kind of understanding and co-operation from their parents… Said parents need to realise that you are no longer a child, and perhaps you need to do something to illustrate this point.

On the work scene someone gives back word or goes back on a promise. This is annoying but there is an important lesson to be learned – don’t automatically trust all your friends and colleagues! Brighter moods manifest from the 14th onwards, and the last couple of weeks of the month should be busy and bright and breezy, with some unexpected gains made. Certainly, some new opportunity should present itself around the 20th or 21st and you’d be a bit of a chump to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Anything to do with job interviews and research projects seems relevant, and I suspect you may be spending more time than usual looking at Google or making long distance telephone calls.

Mature ladies may find themselves being thrown into the company of an old flame, and this might turn out to be quite exciting! Virgo gentlemen are not particularly romantically inspired at the moment, so will be content to trudge along at their own steady speed.

Much of what I wrote in May remains relevant throughout June, but now there is an added impetus of enthusiasm and confidence, especially if you’re home building or home searching. Anyone thinking “outside the box” should be getting green lights all the way, and there is massive emotional support from partners – or someone who wants to become one. Either way, the overall romantic outlook is quite exciting, and this is something which, if nothing else, could increase the pace and tempo of your social life.

Anyone working in the communications industry should find they have a busy and fortunate month, but sales people should take care not to oversell their products, making claims which cannot be substantiated. On the subject of “selling” – well, we’ve already mentioned property, but it has to be said that other items may be on the way out, and in particular I’m thinking of motor cars and things which should have been charity shopped or car booted ages ago.

You can afford to back off a bit, coast and go with the flow. You’ve done what you’ve needed to do, said what you’ve needed to say, and now it is up to other people to respond. They will do so in favourable ways, but do not be impatient. Nice career/cash energies around the 23rd/24th with some stubborn obstacles being removed around the 28th/29th.

You should come to acquire a much clearer sense of self awareness, and as such, personal self confidence will be riding high. It is important that you maintain faith with your own principles and beliefs, and if other people disagree with you, do not lower yourself down to their level. Basically, you’ve got it right, and they haven’t!

Travel aspects are sparky throughout the month but I’m thinking of Brighton or Bridlington rather than Bermuda or Barbados. Not this year, anyway!

Communication within family circles is very important at this time, so try to be clear with your thoughts and words. Some concern for a younger male member of the family is understandable, but it looks like a case of “no harm done”. Changes in long term future plans occur very gradually, but there is definitely a mood of change in the wind. You are held hostage by various family ties and commitments, but these are not going to last for ever, and you need to have a clearer long term vision of your own future.

Guests and visitors congregate beneath your roof, and there will be some sort of special get-together around the 18th or 19th. You may need to make up an extra bed for people coming into the UK from overseas. Watch out for some transport difficulties during the late days of the month, and don’t be too surprised to find yourself looking in the windows of motor car show rooms.

My May horoscope is still relevant in June, but now there is a feeling of getting on top of things and writing your own rule book. Changes to work routines may cause minor wobbles, but there is a mood of promotion in the wind. In the event of having to make major career choices, use your common sense, and put financial security first. In one way, finances are quite good, but they will not remain so unless some adjustments are made to your spending patterns. There seems to be too much money going out on “little” things, but put these little things together, and they become one “big” thing that you can’t really afford.

Lots of love and security on the emotional front, and actually, this whole year is a good time for finding deeper foundations within the fabric of relationships. Maybe a bit more quality time could be invested in affairs of the heart, but in a lot of cases that is easier said than done. Nevertheless, it would do no harm to try.

Money comes in, then immediately goes out again! You may be spending on something big, but this will be perceived as a necessity rather than a luxury, and at the end of the day, money is there to be used.

Just be thankful that you’ve got some! (Even if you don’t think it’s enough!) Anything to do with property and long term investments gets a bright green light for “go”, although you may have to spend some time persuading a partner that your “good idea” is, in fact, a good idea!

Anyone dealing with a chronic health problem will have to find new reserves of patience and common sense, and should not try running before they can walk. All Aquarians would benefit from reviewing dietary habits, and this might be a good time to kiss a few naughty things good bye – like wine, cigarettes, chocolate, etc.

Career girls do exceptionally well at this time, while male members of the sign may find their work routines and commuter routes are changing (to their advantage)! Younger, inexperienced Piscesians, may find they’ve got a couple of tough life lessons to learn, but, as they say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” Short cuts should be avoided, especially mid-month.

Older members of the sign will find themselves frequently getting bogged down by moods of nostalgia, which is fine, as long as it is nostalgia and not regret. What is passed should be remembered. but in certain circumstances you need to pigeon hole any past events which have caused distress and not allow them to sap your courage and confidence for today and tomorrow. It crosses my mind that there is someone close to you who is only too willing to help with this process, if only you’d let them.


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