July Horoscopes by James Christie

The first ten days of the month looks like being a busy period with family reunions and special days out: the 5th 6th and 7th are important dates for cementing new friendships and relationships. From the 10th onwards there is a mild feeling of anti-climax, and you need to create new targets and new dates to look forward to. Ideas presented by partners and spouses should not be ignored because there is some sense of direction and leadership on offer here, which will not be rammed down your throat, but simply put on the table for your consideration. If one of those new ideas involves you chilling out and doing something a bit more positive with your leisure time, so much the better! If nothing else, these elements should intensify your love life and spice things up a bit.


Strong travel aspects during the first week, maybe with a whisp of nostalgia if you’re going back to somewhere that has had an important role to play in your past. Family reunions bode well, and there is a new sense of urgency and excitement making it presence felt on the job scene from the 23rd or 24th through till the end of the month – and beyond!

Contact will be made with and old friend (possibly someone who was once an enemy?) who now resides in a different country, and this could act as a release for some old pent up emotions that you will be well rid of. During the last few days of the month your creative juices, which may have been a bit sluggish recently, suddenly start flowing again and you’ll experience some excitement as you start exploring the feasibility of new ideas.


This should be a relatively trouble free month, and a period wherein you’ll recognise a subtle shift in the pattern of your luck. A lot of the restrictions which have held you back throughout the first half of the year are now being overcome, and the pace of life is destined to become noticeably faster and a whole lot brighter. New health regimes pay dividends, not just for yourself, but for anyone close to you who needs a bit of healing.

Gemini parents may be concerned (and perhaps even a little disappointed) with the behaviour of their children, especially the grown

up variety! Gemini career girls can make key gains by remembering that although they may be competing in a man’s world, they don’t always wear the trousers. A little femininity goes a long way in the dull grey world of men.


Looks like you’re going to be very busy throughout the whole of the month, especially if you’re self employed. Cash aspects are very encouraging, and on more than one occasion you will be speculating to accumulate. New work contracts are under review, and important documents will be signed between the 18th and 22nd. Some Cancerians will be dipping their toes in the property market, while others in the 55+ age group will be thinking about retirement pots and pension plans. There are a number of purely emotional issues which will remain unresolved, but this is not the best of times to tackle this kind of problem. Much more is achieved if you concentrate on all things practical and pragmatic. In old gypsy parlance, listen to your head and don’t get sidetracked by following your heart. At least, not right now, anyway. Having said that, there is a lot of support and encouragement from an unexpected romantic source.


Being impulsive can sometimes be a mistake, but at this point in time a little impulsiveness should serve you well, especially in relationships and affairs of the heart. Be open with your thoughts and feelings, and rather than rebuttal, you will find a very positive response. How you react to that response is up to you, but if someone is offering you a muffin, don’t insist on having crumpet. One thing leads to another and you’ve got to start somewhere.

Jobs and careers are important, but do not undervalue your leisure and pleasure time. All work and no play makes Leo a dull boy (or girl) and you must remember that you work to live, not live to work. There will be opportunities to broaden your horizons around the 20th/21st and social invitations demand a positive response. Last minute holidays could occur during the late days of the month, or if not, a decision to take an unscheduled holiday looks highly likely.


A long and forensic look at your finances might be a good idea at this time, especially if you are striving towards specific targets and goals. You may have to rob Peter to pay Paul, but some financial flexibility may be called for during July if you are to get whatever it is you want. Romantic

associations have some very bright vibrations from the 23rd onwards, and if there have been a few ruffles and rumbles throughout May and June, things should now start smoothing out for you.

Sometimes Virgo born folk can feel very alone and isolated, but in your case, you have more friends than you think you have, and lots of little things click into place throughout July to bring forth evidence of this fact. I suspect that you have, just like the rest of us, allowed certain old friendships fall to the wayside, and now would be a good time to get in touch with any old mates and old flames who have had any kind of role to play in your history. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.


A highly charged month for the establishment of new relationships and all affairs of the heart, especially for females in the 20 to 35 age group. Everyone else chugs along quite nicely, and there are some financial gains to be made between the 20th and 27th. Travel aspects are a bit low key, so check all tickets and schedules, especially if you’re flying. (Lord, but doesn’t it make your arms feel tired!)

Libran parents with children of school age should be pleased (and relieved) by the educational gains made by their kids, but parents of children in their late teens/early 20’s might be just a little bit concerned by some of the views and plans being put forth by their rapidly growing up (or already grown up) off-spring. A word of warning here… don’t be too critical, and back off in the face of any kind of confrontation. There are battles here that you cannot win.


You’ll be feeling much more secure in yourself, and as July progresses, you’ll find that you are in the position of having to call the shots. Most other people will respond positively, but if there is some opposition, it can be easily overcome by ignoring your critics and having faith in your own judgement and ideas.

Some tensions of jealousy from a close friend of the same sex who is envious of something (or someone) that you have got. If you become aware of someone stirring things up for you but don’t know who it is, then sad to say, it is probably someone much closer to you than you might think! If, as a result of this, a friendship falls to the wayside towards the end of the month, just let it go and be pleased that it has gone.

Some exciting new job prospects emerge around the 24th but if you want to take a step up the ladder, you’ve got to put your name in the hat.


There is a sense of having to accept new situations and realities in certain family matters, which is fair enough, but the process reminds you of all the things you have not yet done with your life, and for some older members of the sign, it points a finger at the passing of the years. You will be called upon to sort someone else’s problems out, but not the person you think it might be. Sagittarian parents will be looking forward to certain dates in the calendar, not with dread or foreboding, but with some distinct twitches of nervousness, especially if one little bird is getting ready not just to fledge the nest, but to join a migration away from British shores.

To counterbalance this, younger members of the sign (16-25) should be filled with a sense of excitement and adventure, especially romantic excitement and adventure. There are new faces on the block, new wines to taste, new gastronomic delights – and ooh look, there’s even a little piece of forbidden fruit!


If someone asks for your opinion, you must give it openly and honestly, but please make sure your criticisms are constructive. It is hard to see other peoples’ points of view when they are diametrically opposed to your own, but no two people are alike, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If someone presents you with a gift, it might not be what you want, but it could well be exactly what you need!

Travel aspects are quite strong during the first seven or ten days of July, but come on, we’re in the middle of the summer holiday season, so let’s not make any more of it than that… However, if an early July journey coincides with the achievement of a long held ambition, there could be something a bit special going on here after all.

On the 6th of the month, you will come up against a partner’s stubborn streak, which is a situation you will need to handle with tact and diplomacy, and no small degree of understanding.


If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from someone special, it’s probably because they haven’t heard from you! Time to take the initiative and send out a few texts and emails. A complex period on the work scene with no clear sense of direction; some necessary changes to job routines coming into play between the 18th and 24th.

At various times throughout July you’ll spend some time contemplating your long term future, and although quite tentatively, you’ll start making some financial decisions that provide for your

wellbeing, five, ten, or fifteen years up the road. In a convoluted way, this reinforces the fact that you are probably far from happy with present job situations, and subconsciously if not consciously, you’ll be looking at all options that can bring about some degree of change. Other people have pulled rabbits out of hats, so why can’t you? To quote a certain Mr. Clarkson “How hard can it be?”


Younger members of the sign, teens and 20’s, will be preoccupied by romantic excitement and sexual tension. There is a sense of freedom and hedonism, which is not just restricted to the young. All Piscesians can a taste of this energy, with varying results. A gentle word of warning here to older guys… Gentlemen, don’t make fools of yourself with younger women.

Ouch! That one probably scored a point in a few masculine corners, but it had to be said.

Anyway… looking at a broader picture and quickly changing the subject… the 6th 7th and 8th could see you overspending on luxury items, while the 9th and 10th will bring a boost to your social life caused by at least one party gathering and a couple of interesting reunions. Some subtle but important changes to work routines will affect some of you around the 21st or 22nd and although you may not be enthusiastic about new work schedules, there are some opportunities here that you could take advantage of if (a) you’re a bit quick off the mark and (b) if you are prepared to stick your head above the parapet and take a little risk.


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