York’s Ultra Fibre Optic network from TalkTalk reaches 20k homes and businesses

TalkTalk has announced a welcome boost for York as the internet provider’s ultra fibre optic network reaches 20,000 homes and businesses across the city. Residents in Chapelfields, Foxwood, Dringhouses and Woodthorpe can now connect to 1000 Mb/s internet speeds as it ramps up the second phase of its full fibre rollout which will reach up to 55,000 homes and business in York by the end of next year.

York will be the first city in the UK to have city-wide full fibre all the way from the exchange into individual homes or businesses that is both accessible and affordable for residents, transforming it into the country’s first gigabit city.

15,000 homes and businesses in Rawcliffe, Clifton, Huntington, New Earswick and parts of The Groves have been able to connect to York’s Ultra Fibre Optic over the last couple of years since the first phase of the project was completed.

Costing only £25.50 per month*, York’s Ultra Fibre Optic is twenty times faster, more stable and reliable than other ‘fibre’ products. Better still there is no difference in download and upload speeds even when everyone is online at the same time. It’s the future of internet connectivity globally; once connected, it’s completely scalable and therefore future proof.

Residents with a gigabit connection can download a two hour HD film or 100 songs in seconds, tasks that currently take more than 25 minutes and eight minutes in an average UK home.

Digging has been carried out over the last year to install the fibre around the streets of Dringhouses, Woodthorpe, Foxwood, Chapelfields and Holgate. The build also recently started in Poppleton where ‘narrow trenches’ are being dug along the pavements of the streets to be connected so that the fibre can be installed. Homes and businesses in Holgate and Poppleton will be next to connect.

Paul Crane, TalkTalk’s Head of Ultrafast Engagement and Rollout, was in Dringhouses this week to see the first residents in the area that have connected to the network.

Paul Crane, Head of Ultra Fibre Optic Engagement for TalkTalk, said: “Launching Ultra Fibre Optic to the first residents in this second phase of our full fibre rollout is an important milestone. We are really excited that people in Dringhouses, Woodthorpe, Foxwood and Chapelfields can now connect and that very soon residents in Holgate and Poppleton will be able to experience the benefits of gigabit connectivity.  We are working closely with the Council to progress the build as quickly as possible so that we reach our goal of bringing York’s Ultra Fibre Optic to 55,000 homes and businesses across the city.”

Research by the House of Commons Library, released in January 2018, using information provided by Ofcom, revealed that York Outer constituency already has the fastest download speeds in the country at 128.9Mb/s, with York Central second fastest at 82.4Mb/s. This compares to a national average of 44.6Mb/s.


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