University of York Is On The Up

With the publication of this years Times Higher Education World University Rankings, York has pipped a few to the post to slip into the WORLD’S top 120 universities!

The University Of York has moved up 18 places from last years ranking, moving from 137th to 119th, which in this year’s edition included 1,258 institutions across 86 countries! The rankings take into account a variation of outcomes that include quality of teaching and research, international outlook and industry income.  The chemistry department’s Dr Glenn Hurst has also been shortlisted for the ‘Oscars of higher education’  – Most Innovative Teacher of the Year. Vice-Chancellor, Professor Koen Lamberts, had this to say of the success:

“We aim to provide a home for the best research and teaching in the world in an environment where students can achieve their ambition to be the next generation of global leaders. I want to thank all of our staff for helping us achieve this positive result.”

A politician, a writer and a comedian walk into a bar? Wait, perhaps that’s selling them all a bit short, let us try again. What does the former leader of the opposition and the longest continuously serving female MP in the House of Commons, an acclaimed novelist noted for continuing the legacies of Sherlock Holmes and a comedian whose character creations have seeped into the everyday British psyche, all have in common?

…Well they’re all University of York alumni obviously, and if you haven’t figured out whom these esteemed former students are, let me help out. The right honourable Harriet Harman, Anthony Horrowitz OBE and of course Harry Enfield. Who between them run the country, plot murders and made ‘loadsamoney’. Well that is peace of mind for current and future students, looks like you will be in rather good company after all and remember you never know who is sat sleeping in the lecture next to you.


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