THRILLS GALORE: Flamingo Land review

The theme park next door, set across 375-acres of parkland, is still proving that it’s easily one of Yorkshire’s most thrilling attractions says Krystal Starkey.

A shock revelation: Flamingo Land felt more fun as a grown up than it ever did when I was little. The heightened sense of self preservation that we seem to acquire as we get older, only adds to the thrill factor on the day.

Extreme rides

Flamingo Land has eight extreme rides which are all equally terrifying in different measures.

Velocity, the UK’s only motorbike launch coaster takes thrill seekers from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds – adrenaline veterans might think they’re ready to pose for the camera, they’d be wrong.

Kumali was new when I last went to flamingo land in my teens. It’s still a favourite, passing my expert measure of good rollercoasters with flying colours: Does it make you laugh manically and squeal in equal amount?  Yes? Ok it’s a good roller coaster.

For Rollercoaster experts and physicists, the ride is measured in G Force (one G is the force of Earth’s gravity). Kumali has four inversions of up to 4.7G, In other words, a lot of G.

Next door you’ll find a record breaking roller coaster, Mumbo Jumbo, which was the world’s steepest roller coaster made from steel up until 2011. Costing £4m and created with laser coaster technology, it’s a sight to behold.

For everyone

Kids are integral to the park and would have a mission getting around everything in a day.

From the new Peter Rabbit adventure attraction, carousels, HMS bouncy, several spacious out door play areas and junior coasters dotted around – there won’t be any tears when mum and dad hop on the baddest ride in town – little ones will be too busy having fun to care.

Flamingo Land sets itself apart from other theme parks with the added bonus of a generous zoo and conservation. You can zip across the super massive estate in a cable car or take the monorail to visit the animals.

The highlight of the day quickly became a conspiracy of somewhat tame lemurs (yep multiple lemurs are called a conspiracy) – they literally try and lick your feet, but no petting! They can still bite when they feel like it.

A super friendly lemur at Flamingo Land’s zoo

Live shows take place throughout the day all over the park, from pirate shows to sea life and bird encounters, there’s so much to choose from.


Hungry thrill seekers can head to the many takeaway joints over the park. Options span from pizza, burgers, fish and chips to coffee shops serving Costa, Starbucks and tasty treats. Ice cream parlous are dotted around, because, what’s the best day out ever without an ice cream to finish it all off? 

For those of us on a budget it’s good to know that a you can get a burger, chips and drink for under a tenner.

Restaurants aren’t rare and include The Mansion House Bar and Grill and The Coach House which serves traditional pub grub. Soft and alcoholic beverages can be found across the park in several bars and cafés – no sweat there.

All in all, it seems that that every time you visit Flamingo Land there’s something bigger, better and more exciting. Whether it’s new food places, the latest scary ride or a fresh adventure, it always feels different.

Music fans can catch Pixie Lott on 18th August, or old school legends, Vengaboys on 1st September.  They’ll just need to get through all the other fun stuff first!

For more information on Flamingo Land visit the website:

Flamingo Land York Sunny
Kumali is still a contender for the best ride ever


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