Pass The Pastel Please

Change is on the horizon as Kentmere House Gallery gets a new lodger.

Rarely does anything create a new lease of life like a change in perspective, and there’s no better way to find a new view of the world, then well, a new view of the world, even if it’s only over yonder, just ask artist David Greenwood.

Carving With Light, which can be viewed on the 3rd and 4th of November at Kentmere House Gallery, which is showing David’s latest works dedicated to the medium of pastel. Which include townscapes, focusing particularly on York and its churches and abbeys, as well as racing scenes and portraiture that includes hounds and humans.

David Greenwood has been a professional artist since 1991 and this year his work has been honoured (better late then never) with support from the Arts Council. Having recently moved from Bingley to Keighley, and although not psychically far, the two towns are worlds apart. Inspired by this change, which has been on his mind as well as his feet, David a former student of the brush, has now taken to pastels, finding new passion in his work due do immediacy of the craft.

Although it’s often the painting that we find framed, it is sketches that hold far more of the artist, and no other process then pastel are you able to feel such raw feeling. Perhaps it is the explosive immediacy, that the work moves from subject to page through reflex rather then thought. But whatever the reason for it, pastel is a format for the brave, bold and brash, well, it seems Yorkshire has found its natural medium and David is here to pass the pastel.


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