November horoscopes by James Christie

What have the stars got in store for you?

Single members of the sign will probably have more fun this month as they leap after new romantic liaisons and conquests. Out of this hedonism, however, there may be some very nice surprises when something light-hearted and casual becomes something quite intense and permanent. Engagement rings? Who said anything about engagement rings?

Despite my poor attempt at humour, love affairs do become very high-profile throughout the month, and everything else – including domestic routines, jobs, careers, etc. – will be directed to play second fiddle to affairs of the heart. If you’re a bloke, some of your mates will think you’ve gone mad and have lost the plot. Curiously, however, if you’re female, you’ll get lots of support from one group of friends and a bit of jealousy from just a couple of characters who you thought were your mates – but they’re not!

More mature members of the sign, even doddering old fools like me, will benefit from a big ego boost when dealing with members of the opposite sex, and this opens the doors to a lot more harmony around the home.  Without wishing to be melodramatic, there is a bright light on the horizon for the old and lonely who would welcome a hand to hold and a little bit of kindness and understanding.

Older members of the sign should have some success in finding (a) a new sense of identity, and (b) a new sense of purpose. These things are vitally important because they re-ignite the Taurean life spark and make life a lot more fun. Emotional relationships and financial stability are on an even keel, and should be improving slightly by month’s end – providing you don’t do anything stupid or silly.

Any kind of new business partnership might get off to a slow start, but if you can be patient your faith in someone else’s judgement will be rewarded. And although plans set in motion now might take 18 or 24 months to come to fruition, there’s a satisfying little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

November is frequently a dark month for Taureans – short days and long nights don’t go down well with the sun quest, which dwells in the seat of your soul. Nevertheless, there’s an optimism with you at this time, which is quite unusual given the time of year. Don’t question it too deeply, and just be glad that it’s there. This a very productive period for coming up with new ideas – and some new solutions to old problems. The fact that there’s unwavering support from friends and family is an absolute bonus!

Female members of the sign seem to carry the weight of family responsibility at this time and like it or not, assume the leadership role. While this enables them to have more of their own way, it also means that they can bring some order to various states of chaos: this is something which will be noticed and will be appreciated by others. The ‘mothering’ energy is very powerful for Gemini women at this time, and as such, parent-child relationships should flourish (that is, if you’re the mother.  Things might not be so hot if it’s the other way round!). It goes further than that, because the nurturing side of your nature will want to reach out and ‘mother’ anybody who’s in need.

As for Gemini gentlemen, there’s great polarity here – because the male members of the sign are going to be far more concerned with business, jobs, cash and all the practical aspects of life. There’s a feeling of breakthrough here, and there’s a particular period between the 17th and 24th when a number of things should fall into place, and you’ll be given a much more confidant view of your own mid-term future. Any form of business partnership should do well at this time, and indeed, it would be an auspicious period in which to launch some kind of new business. Those people actively looking for new work opportunities should be well pleased with the events of November, and a new sense of optimism creates a mood of buoyancy.

This should be a brilliant month for anyone involved with property – its purchase, its sale, or its improvement! It’s also a positive period for improving domestic atmospheres and resolving problems with awkward children… and maybe a couple of adults who insist on behaving in rather childish ways!

Legal aspects add some flavour to the month, but, I’d have thought, to your advantage. If there are papers and contracts to be signed, sign them and have done with it. Reunions, and news of pregnancies should also be relevant, especially towards the latter part of November – which is also a period where you’ll start feeling a bit more sanguine and relaxed.

Cancerian ladies acquire deeper degrees of self-knowledge, which makes them feel stronger and more in control of their lives. This is also true of Cancerian males, albeit to a lesser extent because gentlemen of the sign are going to get side-tracked by the demands of lovers and partners who create a constant buzz of pressure. Therefore (and this is being very simplistic) while ladies should be feeling very secure, this is not the case where the guys are concerned. Undercurrents of frustration and resentment make men re-evaluate the value of relationships.

It’s easy to make decisions when you know what to do – less easy when you don’t! Therefore there may be a couple of blind choices in front of you during the days ahead, and as always I would say trust your gut instincts. Change on one level or another seems inevitable, so try to embrace it, rather than resisting it. It’s the easier and more natural passage.

There’s a bridge to be crossed in connection with work routines. Do you accept what you’ve got, or do you make a concerted effort to acquire more – putting what you’ve already got at risk? Again, I say trust your gut instincts, but on this subject and this time, I’d advise you to play safe.  The ‘bird in the hand’ and all that. Also, if you were to do a clinical appraisal, you may come to realise that whatever it is that you’ve got is more than what some other folk around you have. And while there’s no harm in being ambitious, timing can be everything.

Relationships fall into two loose categories: new relationships, which are a bit ‘uppy’ and ‘downy’ until they find a natural level of equilibrium; and old and long-established relationships, which are perhaps a little boring and predictable, and could do with a bit of a boot up the backside to regenerate some excitement and adventure.

Like your Zodiac neighbour, you may find you have to face some awkward decisions. Do you stick with the devil you know or take a chance with the devil you don’t? Trust your past experience here, and play safe rather than stepping into the unknown. There may be some major changes ahead, but not yet, not now, and not until you’re ready.

Virgos of a certain age may experience some moods of nostalgia – possibly caused by a chance meeting or reunion. In most cases I’d suggest caution in connection with this kind of thing, but this time round I must acknowledge that there might be a lovely opportunity to rekindle an old friendship – and possibly reignite an old flame. This trend could make its presence felt at any time, but stay alert around the 7th, 19th and 26th. These are also important dates for younger single members of the sign who are looking for some romance and the taste of some sexual stimulation.

Male members of the sign might appear to be more concerned with jobs and careers, but in part this is an illusion; for they also are looking for more point and meaning in their emotional lives. Things might not be so obvious for the guys, but the desires and energies are there nevertheless.  Therefore, there’s a strong probability that Virgo males may find themselves acting impulsively, guided solely by instinct and intuition. And from the sidelines I’ll give them a big round of applause and say “bravo!”

Younger members of the sign may feel they are being pushed into action before they are ready, and yet the tide cannot be turned, and this is a time for young people to find their independence and stand on their own two feet. This might cause a fluster of panic and resentment on the home front, but it is time for youngsters to fledge the nest and as such travel and geographic relocation looks likely for some while major change in domestic routines is inevitable for others.  Overall, this is a good thing for everyone concerned, but some members of the sign might not see it in this light at the time.

Throughout the early part of the month there would seem to be an ongoing degree of tension, which could lead to more than one family argument. But this mood softens from the 15th or 16th onwards, and although one key relationship may seem to be a bit strained, you acquire some confidence in the knowledge of knowing where you’re going and what you’ve got to do to get there.

This is a positive period for jobs and careers, but who you know and the ability to be in the right place at the right time probably carries more weight than what you can actually do. Younger members of the sign will be judged more by their character and their attitude rather than their academic qualifications, and this should be born in mind when attending job interviews, etc.

If you’re waiting for lucky breaks you’ll wait in vain, for this is a period in which you must create your own luck and go with the flow of the consequences. The trouble is, of course, that there are a number of barriers between where you are and where you want to be. I suspect that if you try to break down the barriers, you’ll waste a lot of time, so the secret is to find some way around the barriers and get to where you want to be through the back door. One of the key stumbling blocks is lack of money, so perhaps the first thing to do is concentrate on building up your finances. And by this, I don’t mean spending a few quid on lottery tickets! The work opportunities are there, although I grant you, they might not be glaringly obvious.

Nevertheless, around the 20th, 21st and 22nd something does fall into place in connection with cash and careers, and if something is offered (even if it’s something you don’t want) may I respectfully suggest you grab it with both hands. Not as a be-all-and-end-all, but as a stepping stone that leads to other, better things.

Overseas interests may be relevant for some of you, but a different interpretation of this chart might be to suggest you have to look farther afield to find whatever it is that you are searching for.

Probably an awkward start to the month caused by a patch of low energy or plans having to be changed at the 11th hour. A more upbeat mood kicks in around the 7th or 8th and you can look forward to some good money news between the 12th and the 20th. News from overseas should be relevant for some, while for others, well, you may need to order your wedding hats and suits.

Apart from some parental concern for the welfare of children and younger people in your family, relationships would seem to be quite stable. And while this is good news, there’s one niggle of concern here if one member of the partnership feels that they are being taken a bit too much for granted. A little reflection and a reality check on this one might not do any harm. Ladies of the sign might also be a bit concerned about a partner’s work routines, especially if gentlemen partners are pushing a bit too hard when they are already under some degree of pressure. Ladies, there is a lot that you can do to let the pressure off!

Future targets and objectives become a lot clearer at this end of the year: there are some new things you want to have, and some new things you want to do (in the latter case, travel is a key issue), but right now the purse strings won’t stretch. So, it may be time to set up some sort of savings plan (I always recommend the sock under the bed) to facilitate future dreams and ambitions.

This should be a very busy month on the work scene, and care must be taken (a) not to overtire yourself and (b) to avoid stress. Finances are okay but you need to keep a tighter grip on the cheque book and plastic, avoiding unnecessary expense. An awareness of potential health problems helps you avoid them – so do be aware! This, by the way, is equally applicable to you and to people immediately close to you! Outpatients appointments will certainly be applicable to some, while others might need to invest in an extra box of tissues.

You could be on the receiving end of a small financial windfall, and I emphasise the word ‘could’ because you’re going to have to push for it.  You can’t get any PPI compensation without making a claim for it, and you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket! So, make the claim and buy the ticket and let’s see what happens. You could be in for a pleasant surprise!

If you’re looking for new romance, look around the corner rather than across the world. There’s a reassuring word here for those in long-established relationships: everything is reasonably calm and stable and efforts must be made to keep things this way, but this doesn’t mean you’ve got to stay at home every night getting square eyes in front of the telly. So join a club, learn how to dance, or go out to a cinema – rather than watching the same old repeats on the box. Do something – anything – to give your social life a bit of a boost.

While there could be news of pregnancies and births, perhaps a less parochial view of this chart might suggest the birth of some new and brighter vision of your mid- and long-term future. Plans made now might take two years to come to fruition, but will be well worth it in the end.  Therefore, plan for, and play the long game! On the subject of ‘plans’ some sort of savings scheme will be set up to finance future ambitions. Also for some, pension plans might be relevant. Links with people and places overseas become stronger, and you may find yourself planning long overseas journeys.

Work routines are a bit sloggy and boggy, and you might find yourself becoming increasingly discontent with this aspect of your life. Sudden impulsive changes are not recommended, but carefully orchestrated exit strategies are fine providing you’re sure about what you want. The opportunity will be there when you need it, and hopefully so will your courage and conviction.

While there’s plenty of scope for younger members of the sign to enjoy some excitement in affairs of the heart, those Aquarians who are in long-established unions will sacrifice excitement in favour of some peace, calm and tranquillity. Even so, if fate can kick you out of your rut, it’ll be doing you no disfavour. Emotional stability needs to reassure you, not bore you.

Time to walk away from things which no longer work – fridges, TVs, cars, friendships, relationships. Hard to do, sometimes, but equally very necessary. The new cannot be found while the old is cluttering up the heart and mind, so time for fresh starts, new beginnings, new pathways and some very exciting new adventures. All this is much easier said than done, but when opportunity knocks on your door, and I dare say it will around the 6th and 9th (then again around the 19th to the 22nd) it’s to be hoped that you can recognise it for what it is and grab it with both hands.

If one financial door has closed during the last few months, then November brings the opening of another, and there could be some really decent money earned for relatively little effort. However, you need to have faith in a project, and perhaps also have faith in a proposition being put to you – not by some new acquaintance, but by someone whom you’ve known for many years.

Anything to do with the arts, including all aspects of the performing arts, is very brightly starred. People with ambitions in this area should enjoy some kind of breakthrough, while others might just find a great degree of satisfaction in joining a choir or amateur dramatics group. Romantic aspects are touching rather than torrid, but maybe that’s all you can cope with right now.


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