The Scrap Box

Fish & Chips


    The sacred scrap needs to be acknowledged, for - like vowels - they are one of those things that help identify northerners from southerners. They are delicious. And they should always be free.

    'You cant get out for nowt' said every Yorkshireman ever. Well, young tykes, despite some places horrendously starting to charge for them, or some councils vying for their demise, scraps remain one of the few things you can get without parting with a penny.
    But, nothing so wonderful can be given by the batter Gods without something being taken away. Scraps, despite their giving ways, have also been the downfall of many a chippie. Up and down the land, time and time again, fryers have turned up on morning to realise the devastation that can be caused by the spontaneous combustion of these humble bits of batter.

    Come and help yourself from the scrap box. They don't really need any accompaniment as the beef dripping gives them all the flavour they need, but a dash of salt n vinegar won't go amiss!

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