The Future of Education, Democracy and Social Justice

The Future of Education, Democracy and Social Justice

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    Over a century ago, with the publication of Democracy and Education, John Dewey argued for the mutually dependent relationship linking a legitimate education system and a thriving democracy. Currently, a number of developments undermine the prospects for strong links between education, democracy and social justice including:

    The growth of inequality in wealth and income, highlighted recently by the OECD and other commentators

    The rise of performativity and the translation of democratic deliberation and decision making into matters of techno-rationality and efficiency

    The dismantling of connections between local representative government and education

    The growth of private forms of educational provision and governance, including private schools and private tutors

    The promotion of authoritarian cultures and disciplinary regimes in schools

    The rise of extremism, including religious extremism, and the growing support for extreme right-wing parties and ideas;

    Against this background the contributors to this seminar address the question of the relationship – real, ideal and potential – between education, democracy and social justice

    Contributors include:
    Professor Richard Pring
    Professor Carol Vincent
    Professor Martin Mills

    Venue: De Grey Lecture Theatre
    Wine reception: 18.00
    Event start: 18.45
    Event finish: 20.45

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