The Deep

One of the UK's most spectacular aquariums


    Awakening Seas
    Explore over 4 billion years of ocean history from giant fossils to Megalodon shark teeth. As you journey down the ramp you will follow the history of the oceans’ until the present day, discovering how life came to be on Earth. Walking a timeline, you will meet some of the magnificent animals that lived during this period and take in the textures of the fossil wall, exploring the creatures of ocean’s past.

    Lagoon of Light
    The Lagoon of Light is home to an array of colourful tropical fish, amazing corals and large mangrove trees.

    Endless Ocean
    2.5 million litres of water and 87 tonnes of salt make this display home to some of the most incredible animals in the sea. As well as an impressive school of large Horse-eye jacks, you will see a wide variety of sharks and rays including our Green sawfish – the only place in the UK where you can see them.

    Go on a journey with Slimon the snail to discover the slippery, yet sticky, world of slime and the animals whose lives depend on it. Explore this bright and interactive area and learn about some of the animals who use slime to move around, catch their prey or create a poisonous mucus.

    Conquer your fears of creepy crawlies in our bugs’ exhibit and discover the marvellous miniature world right under our noses.

    Amazon Flooded Forest
    Delve into the mysteries of the tropical freshwater habitats. The flooded forests of the Amazon are incredibly productive yet vulnerable environments. See the Black pacu, an enormous vegetarian relative of the piranha and three different types of catfish; the Red-tail catfish, Ripsaw catfish and Tiger shovel-nose catfish.

    Cool Seas
    Experience life in the cool seas, see creatures from our coastal waters and discover the mysteries of deep-water dwellers. The Cool Seas exhibition lets you explore the diversity of life living in cold water.

    Kingdom of Ice
    Enter this chilly white space and get a feel what it is like to visit the polar oceans by touching the real ice walls. Visit our VIP residents - that’s very important penguins - living in the Kingdom of Ice.

    Deep Blue One
    Descending through the rainbow tunnel, you enter Deep Blue One. Protecting the world’s rivers is a vital part of protecting planet Earth and by understanding these habitats and the creatures living in them we can change our behaviours to ensure their survival.

    Underwater viewing tunnel
    Venture into the depths of our Endless Ocean. At 10 metres below the surface, you can enjoy the tranquillity of watching sharks and stingrays gliding overhead through the light-dappled waters. Journey back to the surface in the UK’s only underwater lift or by taking the 81 steps of our Scenic Stairway. You may be lucky enough to spot our divers – why not give them a wave!

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