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    About us

    A highly experienced property lawyer and conveyancing solicitor with a trusted, personal and proactive style.

    Here’s exactly what we do and how we go about it…

    Established in 2008, we provide purchase, sale, remortgage and equity release services to private individuals and companies for owner occupation of residential properties and buy to let investment.

    All services are led and delivered by practice principal, property lawyer Barbara Jacobs. Barbara uses her wealth of experience and personal drive combined with today’s technology to ensure that all clients’ needs are met.

    Our honest and holistic approach means we proactively work with other industry professionals, be it estate agents, surveyors, mortgage advisers and accountants when and how each unique situation dictates; ultimately delivering the top quality service our clients expect.

    Based in York, North Yorkshire and operating UK wide.


    Selling your property


    WE WILL: Send you a questionnaire and some property Information forms. Ask you for money on account. Request your title deeds.
    YOU SHOULD: Complete the questionnaire and forms as quickly as possible and return them with your cheque. Let us have your title deeds if you are holding them.


    WE WILL: Prepare a contract package. Send it to your buyer’s solicitor. Deal with any additional enquiries they may raise (checking replies with you). Arrange for the contract to be signed (once approved by your buyer’s solicitors).
    YOU SHOULD: Deal promptly with enquiries. Return the signed contract as soon as possible, if it is sent to you.


    WE WILL: Agree a completion date. Exchange contracts.
    YOU SHOULD: Let us know any dates to avoid. Try and be flexible (especially if there is a chain).


    WE WILL: Approve the sale document. Send them to you for signature. Obtain the estate agent’s account. Obtain mortgage redemption figures and prepare a financial statement.
    YOU SHOULD: Sign the sale document and return it before completion.  Notify the council and water/drainage authorities. Let us have any balance of monies (cleared funds only). Arrange removals and final meter readings.


    Completion Day
    WE WILL: Receive completion monies from your buyer’s solicitor. Authorise the release of keys when the money is received. Redeem your mortgagees. Obtain the release of any life policies held by your lender. Pay the estate agents. Send deeds to buyer’s solicitors.
    Send the balance of monies (if any) to you by cheque unless otherwise instructed.
    YOU SHOULD: Sign the sale document and return it before completion. Notify the council and water/drainage authorities. Let us have any balance of monies (cleared funds only). Arrange removals and final meter readings.Take advantage of FREE quotations and FIXED FEES for peace of mind.

    Independent or Dependent


    Who else are you paying to move house Buying a family home, a weekend bolt hole or property investment is an important undertaking, often not just practically and financially but also emotionally. Much will rely on the advice of professionals, including mortgage advisers, surveyors and solicitors prior to any final decisions to go ahead. This advice is crucial as a key professional can make the difference between a successful outcome and a disaster, but are you getting the best, most impartial advice sometimes it’s not always clear.


    How do you choose the right solicitor to help you Surfing the web offers a variety of options, from large internet based organisations with low fixed fees and 24/7 assistance, to smaller firms offering bespoke services on an individual basis. Whomever you like the look of, it’s important to check the qualifications of the person who will be responsible for the day to day handling of your transition and, not only the quoted fees, but all the likely disbursements that will be payable.


    A recommendation from a friend or colleague is easily the most painless way to find a good and experienced lawyer. Estate agents are often happy and keen to recommend law firms, either in the vicinity or with whom they have arrangements. These arrangements can include the firm of solicitors paying the estate agents a referral fee (usually around £250-£400) for each recommendation. The payment of these referral fees in conveyancing transactions is still permitted (unlike the referral fee scheme in personal injury cases, which was prohibited September 2011.) In such cases it is important that you are fully aware that a referral arrangement exists, including the amount of the fee who pays it and that is does not impinge on a solicitor’s obligation to act in your best interests at all times.


    Some lenders are beginning to insist that certain mortgage products are only available to you if you use a solicitor nominated by them, effectively removing your freedom of choice. How, I often wonder, independent can a law firm be when a significant proportion of its work (and fee income) is generated by a particular lender.


    It pays to be fully in the picture about your property purchase and you must always ask yourself if you are satisfied that the solicitor you intend to instruct will act solely and impartially in your best interests. Hopefully the answer will be “Yes”… If not, look elsewhere.

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