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    Arborwise is an established tree surgery firm based in York. All our staff are fully trained, qualified and insured. We offer free quotations for work. We also give help and advice around tree preservation needs.We carry out work for domestic clients, commercial / site clearances and the local authority.

    All our staff fully trained, qualified and insured. We offer free quotations for work.  We also give help and advice around tree preservation orders. Tree health is a priority.  We can assess whether you tree is ill or structurally sound. If you have any queries then feel free to get in touch, we are here to help.

    Tree Operations

    Crown Thinning involves removing a percentage of the trees canopy from throughout the entire canopy. This improves light levels from dense imposing trees and more often than not improves the appearance of the tree.  Any deadwood or problem/rubbing branches will be removed as a matter of course during the thinning process.


    Crown Lifting is purely a case of removing the lowest branches or a proportion of them.  This may be carried out to improve a view or to increase light levels.  It often gives a better sense of space when under or around the tree.


    Crown Reductions can be carried out to reduce the height or spread of a tree, or both. Crown reductions should in most cases only be considered as a last resort or when absolutely necessary.  Heavy reductions are very stressful for the tree and in the case of light reductions the difference may not be easily noticed.  If the reason for pruning the tree is to increase light levels then often a combination of a crown lift and a crown thin is a lot more appropriate.


    Pruning for Safety, this may involve removing any dead branches or reducing any long and heavy branches.  Sometimes reducing the height of a conifer dramatically reduces its sail factor in the wind.  Pollarded trees may need re-pollarding in the interests of safety due to the fact that a pollarded tree's re-growth is weakly connected to the stem.


    Tree Removal is sometimes necessary due to poor health or safety issues.  The tree may have grown too large for its situation or may just not be desired any more.  Arborwise will use expert techniques, ropes, pulleys etc and remove the tree in a safe and controlled manor to ensure property, plants, ornaments or lawns are not damaged.


    Stump Removal, when a tree stump is needed to be removed a stump grinding machine can be used if the stump is too large to hand dig. This machine can fit through an average garden gate or garage door.


    Hedge Trimming, we trim hedges and shrubs.  We can reduce the height of
    your hedge, or in the case of beech/ hawthorn hedges the sides as well.


    Cable Bracing, this provides a failsafe for trees that may be likely to split in two at the point of the tight fork in the stem or even heavy/weak branches. Modern cables systems are physically flexible and non invasive to the tree.


    Help with Tree Preservation Orders, Arborwise will help you with or carry out the tree preservation processes.  Whether it be a tree in a conservation area or a specific tree preservation order we can help with the paperwork and cut the red tape.


    Woodchip Sales, the woodchip from the tree can be left on site after the branches are put through the woodchipper.Wood chip on garden borders looks attractive, keeps the weeds down and puts nitrogen into the soil as it breaks down.  Woodchip is also great for underneath play areas etc.  Seasoned woodchip can be delivered to your garden or site for £50 per van load (approx 5 cubic meters).


    Firewood Sales, Seasoned firewood can be delivered to your garden or site for £80 per van load (approx 5 cubic meters) or £40 for half a van load. (approx 2.5 cubic meters).


    Tree Carvings, the stem of your tree can be carved into a feature such as an abstract sculpture, a mushroom, an owl or pretty much anything you can think of.


    Rustic Furniture, wood from your tree may be suitable so save and make a
    seat, bench, bird table or if the wood is good enough it may be planked, dried and indoor furniture could be made. All Arborwise employees hold the relevant N.P.T.C. qualifications to use chainsaws and climb trees.  Representatives who will give you advice and quotations hold a National Diploma in Arboriculture. This is a three year course which covers every aspect of tree management, tree health, tree assessments, Climbing skills and risk assessment.

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