February Horoscopes by James Cristie

11th hour journeys lead to unexpected reunions with family and friends, and February is a month filled with a high degree of social activity. Career minded members of the sign will be looking ahead to certain dates on the calendar, both this year and next, rubbing their hands in anticipation.  Some domestic tension around the 15th concerning finances.

A tough month for many Taureans as you come to realise that some of your plans and expectations must be changed if they are ever to be achieved.  There is strong support and good advice from lovers and partners, but your impatience could lead you into making grand gestures, which slow things down rather than speeding them up.

Don’t worry too much if this month gets off to a slow start because once past the 11th or 12th the pace picks up very quickly and you’ll not have enough hours in the day to do all of the things you need to do.  Some new job routines may be thrust upon you around the 15th and this may mean putting emotional priorities on the back burner for a while.

A moody and broody month during which you’ll be obliged to walk when what you want to do is run! Unfortunately the reins of power are in other hands, and you’ll have to follow their lead, whether you like it or not.  Of course, you won’t like it, and this will bring the slightly devious and schemey side of your nature to the surface. Ooops!

Pleasantly, and possibly to your own surprise, romantic and sexual agendas have priority at this time, and February could be a lovely month for affairs of the heart – and especially for those tentatively embarking on new emotional relationships. Social aspects could become quite intense, especially in the second half of the month when work seems to be less important.

Quite a busy month on the work scene, and although you’ll be feeling tired and unenthusiastic, you will appreciate your improving bank balance. Relationships seem stable, but they are also static – so if any changes need to be made, it is you who has to make them.  A gentle word of warning here… please don’t forget the significance of the 14th!

Despite some work pressures and possible changes ahead in career direction, it is the emotional and romantic aspects of your life which are in ascendence.  Some of you may be nervous about new relationships, but there is an air of excitement, especially between the 11th and the 16th, when you’ll be spending on your appearance and enjoying late nights.

You’ll be considering a number of emotional issues this month and there are questions being asked. How serious is serious? How much commitment is needed to secure something desirable?  How sincere is someone else being, both with their words and actions? Finding the answers might be scary, but it should also be exciting and a lot of fun.

With one exception, eg. the health of an older relative, February looks like being a very positive month with the accent firmly on family matters and domestic routines.  Travel aspects will be discussed and planned, and all forms of communication are extremely important.  Finances are okay, but bank balances need monitoring to keep them this way.

A heavy month where jobs and careers are concerned and you may become a little bit stressed and physically tired.  Therefore, apart from anything else, you need to monitor your energy levels. Money seems to be okay, but this may well be the time to curb your spending and introduce some new budgeting.


Envy and jealousy are not normal Aquarian traits, so if you are feeling these emotions from time to time, it won’t be without good cause.  You’ll be pleased by someone else’s success, but there is a part of you that says “that should be me up there, and they wouldn’t be where they are today if I hadn’t been there to help them along the way.”  Don’t beat yourself up over this, because after all, you’re only human!
These are quiet thoughts that you will keep to yourself, which is just as well, because others would not really understand how you were feeling…or why!  Job-wise, it’s a case of “same old, same old”, but the good news here is that you’re safe and secure.  Relationships with partners could do with a bit of a boost, and you’re not going to achieve that just by sitting in front of the telly.

Interaction with fire signs, notably people born in Leo, might have a role to play this month, and anyone interested in animals or animal welfare will have a very busy and committed month.  In emotional situations, other people will want (and expect) you to follow their advice, but take pause for thought here, and heed your own inner voice of wisdom.


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