A tour through the city centre – German Hunt

I’m inviting you to join me on my touristic day in York. Who am I? I’m Katharina, a German girl from Münster. In today’s Treasure Hunt I will challenge you by replacing the names of English words with the German equivalents. I bet you’ll understand me anyway! Challenge accepted? Then let’s get started!



As food is always a good idea, let’s start our tour with that. For Mittagessen we’re going to Carluccio’s in Coppergate. They offer Italian food and even have a specialised menu right now for Herbst.

                                                                                          Your starting point


Feeling better now? Well let’s move on. Head into the direction of Coppergate shopping centre and on the left you’ll see the JORVIK Wikinger Museum. There, we can dive right into the Geschichte of the Wikinger.

Now we walk into the direction of Coppergate and turn right. Keep following the road until the start of Parliament Street. There you’ll see the many chalets of the Weihnachtsmarkt, which starts on the 15th of November. I don’t know if they offer this festive drink here, but in Germany I would get a Glühwein to warm up from the cold Wetter coming up. 





After finishing our drink we need to turn right in direction of the Shambles to walk to the meeting point of the Geister Jagd₁₀ of York – an attraction you can’t miss when going to York. So now the Victorian guide is leading us through the Snickleways by telling stories about Geister and the scary parts of the Geschichte of York.

5. Pretty scared now? Well let’s end 

our day by finding a pub. Walk down the Shambles to the direction of King’s Square. While walking we see the store of the Schokoladen₁₁ Geschichte on the left. If it wasn’t be so late in the day already, I’d love to experience the Schokoladen₁₁ tour to discover how the Schokolade₁₁ is made, and to learn about the Geschichte of Schokolade₁₁ in York.  Because who doesn’t love Schokolade₁₁?


So keep on walking and turn right on Goodramgate. On the left is the Kneipe₂ The Old White Swan. Let’s drink to our awesome day, and easily learning some German, by enjoying a Bier vom Fass₁₃. Prost!


Your dictionary:


₁ Mittagessen – lunch

₂ Herbst – autmn

₃ Wikinger – Vikings

₄ Museum – museum

₅ Geschichte – history

₆ Weihnachtsmarkt – Christmas market

₇ Glühwein – hot mulled wine

₈ Wetter – weather

₉ Geister – ghosts

₁₀ Jagd – hunt

₁₁ Schokolade – chocolate

Kneipe – pub

Bier vom Fass – draught beer

Prost – cheers


                                                    Some more inspiration how to spend your day in York


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