28 Days Later: What’s Stopping You Stopping?

York Council stands united with this years Stoptober campaign to get the local community smoke free in 28 days, it might just save your life and your wallet.

Dr Nigel Wells, a GP and NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group’s Clinical Chair, said:

“It’s never too late to give up and initiatives such as Stoptober can act as a huge motivator to help you succeed in quitting permanently.

Let us hit y’all with some ‘stats’

In 2017 the equivalent of 1,069 smokers a day kicked the habit, which is nearly 400,000 that year, and even taking into account re-lapses and those very late to the wake there is nearly 1 million less smokers in England since 2014. That’s 1,000,000; rather big when see it all typed out.

Now that leaves 6.1 million still living fag to lip, to put it crudely, and of those still living with a lung full, six in ten want drop the habit and go smoke free, now here is were the problem starts, obviously not including people starting in the first place. Anyway, the issue is the majority of would-be-quitters try use sheer will power alone, which turns out less cold turkey and more deep freeze dinosaur.

But worry not, there is help and it comes in the form of…help. Yes, because despite how ridiculous it sounds the most successful way to stop smoking is with expert help from a local quit smoking services.

Get ready for more ‘stats’, 51% of those who used stop smoking services and stop-smoking aides successfully QUIT smoking in 2017-18 and that that rose a further 13% , with those who used E-cigarettes to help. Now that isn’t bad odds is it and it’s a safe bet that 28 days can become 28 weeks, 28 weeks can become 28 months and 28 months can become the rest of your life.


To contact the Yorwellbeing stop smoking service call 01904 553377 or visit: www.york.gov.uk/stopsmoking for more information.

For information on Stoptober, or to sign up visit: www.nhs.uk/oneyou/stoptober.


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