Yorkshire Jurassic World opens this weekend

21 March 2018

The highly anticipated Yorkshire’s Jurassic World will be officially opened by Sir David Attenborough on Friday 23 March and then to the public on Saturday 24 March.

It will combine internationally significant collections with the latest technology to transport visitors back to the deep seas, tropical reefs and dinosaur country which made up the land we now call Yorkshire more than 150 million years ago.
Visitors can:

    •    See virtual dinosaurs roaming across real dinosaur footprints

    •    Be immersed in deep oceans where some of the museum’s famous fossilised sea dragons are brought to life through Augmented Reality

    •    See baby ichthyosaurs “swim” off from a rare fossil of embryonic creatures found on the Yorkshire Coast.

    •    Feed a sauropod lunch in a Virtual Reality experience which shows how Yorkshire’s largest dinosaur may have looked

    •    Marvel at the size and ferocity of the teeth and claws of Yorkshire’s top Jurassic predator – the Megalosaur

Sarah King, curator of natural sciences, said: “During the Jurassic Period (201-145 million years ago) the land we now call Yorkshire was unrecognisable. At the start it was covered by deep oceans where huge, ferocious sea dragons hunted alongside sharks and fish. As time progressed it became a landscape of vast rivers and flood plains where some of the biggest dinosaurs who roamed the Earth called home. Higher sea levels then plunged it back underwater to form a tropical scene, with colourful coral reefs teeming with life.

“This exhibition will allow the visitor to take a journey back to explore these lost landscapes and meet the creatures which inhabited them. We will be showcasing the best of our collections discovered right here in Yorkshire and using new technology to interpret them in new and exciting ways.”

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