March Horoscopes by James Christie

01 March 2018

On a professional level you seem to be very much in control and on top of the job. On a personal level, however, you may come in for some teasing and gentle criticism. Don’t take the huff or get up tight.  It’s obvious that someone is trying to help you, and you could do worse than to listen to what is being suggested at this moment in time.


A lightening of mood with the lengthening of the days! Some commitment being made in connection with exercise and health regimes.  A gentle boost to your social life, especially around the 15th to the 19th when one particular event will demand some celebration. Day to day finances are fine, but you’ll be concerned about long term nest eggs.


Lovers and partners could annoy you slightly with their fickleness, but before complaining too much, take one step backwards and remind yourself upon which side your bread is buttered.  Domestic harmony is not helped by the interference of an older female, and the behaviour of a younger male could be the cause of some concern. Create some space!


You’ll be spending money to fill a need or fulfil an ambition. You have enough – but only just enough to do this, and there are those who will be concerned that you appear to be putting all your eggs in the same basket. In some ways, you are accepting a risk and are willing to gamble, and although it will pay off in the end, there’ll be  tense moments in between.


An emotionally up and down month, but the lows are not very low while the highs really are quite high. You will not always know what a lover or partner is thinking, which could well lead to feelings of insecurity, but there is still a vibrancy of excitement in the air. You’ll throw caution to the winds, which is exactly what you need to do. Carpe Deum, and all that!



Some dealings with beurocracy and red tape, especially in the early days of the month. This affects males more than females. Financial outlook improving from the 11th onwards, and career girls do especially well. Social events make life interesting around the 23rd, and new friends will turn out to be powerful future allies.


Single Libran ladies are spoiled for choice when it comes to potential suitors, but be warned… You can have Tom, Dick or Harry, but not Tom AND Dick AND Harry! A nice time for all other Librans who are prepared to prioritise affairs of the heart, apart from older blokes who can enjoy Autumn, but will look like fools if they chase after Spring.


This month the Libran energy crosses into Scorpio, and yet it must be said that in all things romantic and sexual, you are in charge! Nevertheless, you could have some egg on your face if you go off half-cocked, chasing after rainbows, especially when much of what you are looking for is much closer to you than you might think.


This could be a delightful month for anyone who is prepared to put their heart before their head and respond to offers, opportunities and (even improper) suggestions.  Anything that can re-focus your thoughts away from some of your established routines will serve you well, and it could be a good time to turn your back on some unpleasant past memories.


Buying someone a special (and appropriate) present will be problematical. It needn’t be and it shouldn’t be, but it WILL be! Legal aspects may need some attention mid-month, but there is nothing threatening here.  Work routines become a bit more intense as the month wears on, and a hint of potential changes at work will not go down well.


A mixed bag of a month.  Other peoples’ problems cause frustration at various times, and as usual, you’ll be the one charged with clearing up the mess.  Some domestic upheaval is likely around the third week, especially if there are uninvited guests. A brighter vibe during the last few days, when there could be news of a pregnancy or birth.


Quite a bright and productive month where jobs and finances are concerned with some very important choices being considered around the 11th, leading to a subtle change of career direction during the last week.  It is only a subtle shift, but it would seem that some of your targets and ambitions are going through a gradual process of change, and instead of aiming for the moon, you’ll start aiming for the stars.


Nowhere is this more appropriate than in affairs of the heart, as you become aware of alternative pathways to those which you saw for yourself only a short while ago. If there is some criticism from certain quarters, I think you should ignore it, and put it down to either petty mindedness or plain old fashioned envy.

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