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19 January 2018

The best things in life ARE free. See…

In the February issue…


  • Festival fever. You might be skint, cold, and regretting all that you spent, ate, and wore during Christmas, but the coming weeks will cheer you up. We have details of both the York Residents' Festival AND the Jorvik Viking Festival to keep you entertained.

  • Time Travel. Ever had a drink at The Judge's Lodgings on Lendal? Ever wondered who the judges were? Well, we reveal the history of this fascinating building... and the doctor that built it. Eh?



  • York Life. Rachel considers how useful her schooling has actually been, while slyly detailing how privileged her schooling was. That lass.

  • Krystal’s gems. Meanwhile Krystal looks back on old Facebook updates with regret and embarrassment. We've all done that. Especially you.



 Win awesome stuff with this month’s competitions

In this issue you could bag yourself some tickets for Guys and Dolls, performed by York Light, and also a goody bag from the NRM, filled with space and train goodies.


 And all the other really useful stuff…

  • Events listings

  • Theatre and gigs

  • Jobs

  • Local info

  • Horoscopes (if you’re into that kind of stuff)

  • Local new stories


Also... this issue is 100% vegan now that we've hired a human to operate the printing press, and sacked the cow that used to do it.

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