September horoscopes by James Christie

28 August 2017

by James Christie…   

On more than one occasion you will find yourself in the middle of family arguments which have nothing directly to do with you. If you just sit back and let others get on with it, you’ll be accused of not caring, so you’d better say or do something to show willing – not that it will actually change anything. Make a point of not believing all you hear. One protagonist tells you one thing while someone else tells you another, and the truth of what they are saying lies somewhere in between.

It would be easy to say keep your head down and let ‘em get on with it, but you’re not going to get away with that, so you’ll just have to do the best you can.  There will be some refuge in work routines insofar as your place of work gives you somewhere to hide.  The upside of all this is that your enforced dedication to work should improve the financial situation.


For the sake of domestic harmony, avoid fights with lovers and partners and let them have their own way.  Keep any critical thoughts very much to yourself. Probably some issues with money, where it’s gone and what you’ve got for it, leading at last to some sensible discussions in connection with investments and savings plans. This in turn will lead to appointments being made with banks, building societies, mortgage brokers and maybe lawyers.

The 15th to the 19th I an opportune time for looking up and arranging reunions with old friends while the 23rd - 24th will bring the advent of new work projects, and more importantly, a lot more enthusiasm in the working areas of your life. Old skills and talents are brushed up, with lots of impetous for new ideas.


Some good ideas being kicked around at the moment, but the only way to make them work is to put them to the test. There will be some (surprising!) support from a lover or partner, which could well lead to a much stronger romantic energy developing before month’s end. Parents may be concerned for the welfare of female children, especially those in their mid-teens. If you want to get your message over, tried to be best friend first and mum (or dad) second. Older children are also in the spotlight when they find a dollop of luck and good fortune on the job scene.  Somewhere around the 10th news of someone else’s change of address may have some influence over you and on the 16th you get a small fiscal boost when money that is owed to you finds its way back into your pocket.


There is a mood here of burning boats and blowing up bridges. Careful, then, when making decisions.  There will be no going back once they’ve been made.  Overseas links are quite strong and connect with reunions and business opportunities. Anything to do with pension plans, insurance and saving schemes, seems to be highly relevant. There seems to be an amount of red tape and convention holding you back at this time, and although it could be frustrating, it is an energy which serves you well if it enforces a degree of patience.  A health problem may need sorting out (ladies in particular) and I get the feeling that this might have something to do with diets and allergies.  I’ll make a joke of it and say ”don’t eat the fish!” Emotional and sexual relationships seem to be stable and static, and it may be to your advantage to keep them that way.


It’s worth remembering that actions always speak louder than words, and this philosophy is something which cuts both ways.  As you are being judged by your actions, then so must you judge others!  September is a month for separating the men from the boys and for cutting away some of the dead wood you’ve acquired over the summer.

Some care and attention is needed on the job scene because I have an impression of someone watching you carefully, just waiting for you to make some kind of mistake.  Close emotional relationships with work colleagues might not be a good idea at this time.  Also (and sorry to be so negative) if you’re going to tell any fibs, as sure as snow is white, you’ll get caught out.

Some good news associated with job interviews, but only if you keep your head and you’ve done your home work.



There would seem to be a marked improvement in the conduct of relationships and as two people pull together towards a common goal, a much lighter and brighter atmosphere is generated within the home.  Special anniversaries give you a lift (discounting the usual birthday thing) or something may occur which becomes an anniversary to be remembered in the years ahead.  A little extra cash opens a few doors, although it has to be said that parents with school aged children may experience a financial drain.  Older children bring pride and pleasure when they are particularly successful in a career ambition.  Celebrations all round for that one! One slightly negative note concerns an unexpected bill in connection with transport or motor car maintenance.


Some hard bargains in September as you negotiate a process of buying and selling; it will be a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours! Anything you gain at this time will not drop into your lap through good luck.  You’re going to have to work and fight for your victories. This, however, is something you will do, and the rewards are sweet.

The first one falls into place around the 10th or 11th when someone you thought would give you a hard time, turns out to be all sweetness and light and the very personification of co-operation. The second occurs on the 14th with the advent of a social invitation that brings a degree of excitement and expectancy.  Things come in threes and the third “reward|” comes on the 19th which will give you an emotional boost with a really strong feel good factor!



Ladies, before you can get what you want, you must offer something in return – and offer it first! Gentlemen will be considering every offer and opportunity, weighing up the pros and cons before they commit. Money that is owed to you probably starts finding its way back to you; however much it is, sit on it or shove it in a sock under the bed.

This is not a good time to be careless with money, so… don’t lend anyone anything, keep your hands on your purse, wallet or handbag, and in the face of any “get rich quick” scheme, back off and don’t get involved. Parents may find that their children are a costly luxury at this time.

During the very late days of the month there is some financial improvement, but if I were you, I’d keep quiet about any small gains I might have made.  Other people can’t spend what you’ve got if they don’t know you’ve got it!


Whatever else may be happening, it is romantic energy which seems to dominate your life at this time, and the more you can put into a relationship the more you’ll get out of it.  Yes, there are a host of other things on your mind, but follow your heart and your emotions to find the best, and in some cases, the only solution!

The 7th or 8th should bring some good news in connection with family situations and this might help you to relax a bit more, or become a bit more fatalistic in some of your attitudes.  Independent business people should now begin to see the fruits of their labours, and on the subject of “labour” I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some word in the wind about a birth or pregnancy. Concerns over the ill-health of an elderly relative will certainly be affecting members of the sign in their middle years.


I think that in this month you are going to get something you have wanted for a long time. The question is, will it bring as much pleasure and satisfaction as you thought it would? Travel energies are strong, and even if there is only one special weekend away, it will be a time worth having because it brings fresh energy to long standing unions and relationships.

Romantic and emotional unions are strong, but you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favours if you were going to try and change a partner’s outlooks and attitudes.  They are probably very set in their ways, and although they may (with patience) be coaxed along a certain pathway, they will not be pushed.

Career minded people should go through quite an intense period on the work scene, and there is some danger of becoming over-tired, will in turn could affect your judgement in certain matters.  Pace yourself and conserve your energy.


If that which you give is taken for granted, then stop giving it and let’s see what happens next!  Romantic aspects are strong for emotional rebels but the “Old Fogey Brigade” marks time to the same old tunes. Elderly Aquarians become alarmed at the speed in which the time flies by, and thus, we may see some impulsive “second childhood” situations arising. Oddly enough, I don’t see this as a “bad” thing, because anything which brings a bit more fun into your life should be welcomed with open arms. Nevertheless you may find yourself raising a few eyebrows and ruffling a few feathers, and I don’t think this is a “bad” thing either if it makes other people sit up and take a bit more notice.


I would have thought a very bright and positive month for the majority of Piscesians, especially single fishes who are in the river of life waiting to be caught. There are significant gains and successes in both affairs of the heart and business/career ambitions, and I dare say your mood will become more enthusiastic and positive than it has been for years! Enjoy!

Someone else’s health problems may become an issue at this time, and some Piscesians need to watch their backs… both medically and emotionally.  There is a bit of envy and jealousy in the wind as someone covets something that you have got, and they see no reason why they shouldn’t have it too.  Ergo, if a fair weather friend falls to the wayside before month’s end, let them go.  You’re worth more and you can do better.


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