York author writes a series of adventures for ALL children

06 June 2017

A York author has released the first children’s book of her inclusive series in which the heroes all happen to have disabilities.

The first book, The Enchanted Bus: Lily and the Lost Soldier, is a story that both mainstream and disabled children can identify with, and can be used as a resource to provoke discussion and awareness at home and in the classroom. 

Anne Stamp, was previously the Senior Executive officer for SNAPPY, a local charity offering specialist programmes for children and young people with disability. 

Motivated by the lack of truly inclusive story books, Anne decided to create her own tales, where disabled children are the heroes in their own story. 

Anne said: “I have often (very often), been in bookshops looking for books which feature disabled Children. It became so frustrating that I ended up writing a story myself! The book features disabled children in such a way as to be accepted in their wholeness. I hope that it can be used as a tool for teachers to discuss with children to promote inclusion and diversity in the class room.

 “The message is clear, children with disability can be the heroes of their own story.  For them to go in to a bookshop and pick up a book with characters they can relate to is my dream.”

 “Hopefully the stories in the series will be read and loved and a strong message is sent across.”

Anne Stamp, the author of The Enchanted Bus series


The book has recently been published by Castillo Green. You can find out more about the plot and where to buy the book below:

As Lily and her classmates set off aboard their old clunky school bus, they are prepared for yet another interesting, but predictable, school trip. However, this time they couldn't be more wrong!

Accidentally releasing a magical creature, Lily and Susan set off a chain of events that transforms the trip into a series of unforgettable enchanted experiences. 

Lily and the Lost Soldiers tells a heart warming story of a class of children on an unexpected adventure. It is a story of friendship, kindness and new beginnings, guaranteed to capture the hearts and imaginations of all who read it. 


The book is available to buy from all good book shops including online at:








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